Arbitration & Mediation

Chalos & Co. is pleased to assist with the resolution of disputed matters by way of arbitration and mediation proceedings before both domestic and international tribunals. Additionally, we have extensive experience in the drafting of arbitration agreements, as well as litigating questions as to their applicability and enforceability within U.S. Federal and State courts. In arbitration and mediation matters, our clients retain a role in the selection of the decision-makers for their dispute in a neutral and reliable forum. Engaging in arbitration, as opposed to litigation, often serves to avoid disputes over jurisdiction and the risk of lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions, simplifies service of process, and reduces exposure to local prejudice. We have broad arbitration and mediation experience in a wide variety of disputes involving: marine, admiralty and aviation matters, business transactions and torts, construction projects, commercial issues, employment controversies, insurance issues, and personal injury cases.