Admiralty & Maritime

The Firm takes great pride in its outstanding reputation in the global maritime community for experience and success in handling complex maritime problems of all type, including but not limited to casualties, pollution incidents, alleged Marpol violations (civil and criminal), charter party disputes, cargo claims, defense of P&I and vessel owners’ interests, vessel arrests and attachments, Rule B attachments of electronic fund transfers (EFT’s), maritime liens, collisions, salvage, personal injury defense, agents’, stevedores’, shipbroker and terminals’ defense, general average, financing, sale & purchase vessels, regulatory matters, license suspension and revocation proceedings, maritime product liability, and all aspects of marine insurance, reinsurance, coverage and litigation. We also regularly provide advice to ship owners, operators, shore-side management, shipboard staff and transporters of oil, hazardous products, and insurers about developing early response systems and implementing effective environmental compliance programs aimed at ensuring awareness and compliance with International, U.S. Federal, State and local governmental regulations.