News Conference at Limassol, Cyprus (June 11 -13, 2009)

The members of the internationally re-known network gathered in Limassol, Cyprus for its 6thAnnual Meeting during the period of June 11-13, 2009. More than sixty (60) delegates from twenty-four (24) different jurisdictions attended. The conference was chaired by E. Economides & Partners and Zambartas Law Offices and served as an excellent platform for the exchange of information and education on legal issues affecting the global shipping community. In addition to the formal sessions, all attendees were treated to an exciting social programme. Peter G. Economides delivered an informative and welcoming address to open the conference. Additionally, George M. Chalos, senior member of CHALOS & Co, presented a riveting speech concerning recent developments in US maritime law and the US Court's evolving interpretation of the Supplemental Rules for Maritime Arrest, Attachment and Garnishment.

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