George A Gaitas  

George A Gaitas

George A. Gaitas was born and raised in Greece by a seafaring family, originating in the island of Andros with roots in Zakynthos and Crete. He received all of his higher education in the United States where he was first licensed to practice law (in Kansas). Later, the allure of the sea brought him to Tulane University in New Orleans where he studied maritime law and earned his LL.M. After some years with a traditional maritime law firm in New Orleans, he returned to Greece and joined a privately owned shipping group as general counsel where he worked in all areas of the business in both the dry cargo and tanker sectors, accumulating considerable hands-on shipping experience. Mr. Gaitas has dealt with virtually every facet of the business, commercial and contentious. As in-house counsel, Mr. Gaitas handled arbitration and litigation in many jurisdictions and before various tribunals worldwide. He is licensed to practice law in a number of American jurisdictions including Texas and Louisiana, both great maritime states with their respective super-ports of Houston and New Orleans.

Mr. Gaitas served as the General Counsel of Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd. and Sea Traders S.A. in Athens, Greece. Among his many responsibilities at Dynacom, Mr. Gaitas prepared and organized the company's claims anddefenses in several major international maritime litigation matters, including the "Metro Trading International Litigation" case tried in England, Singapore, Greece, France, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Mr. Gaitas has extensive experience in representing vessel owners in both contentious and transactional matters, including : Shipbuilding and S&P Contracts; Ship Sale-Leaseback; Ship Demolition Sale; Ship Repair Contracts; Shipping Regulatory and Compliance; Freight Taxation; charterparties and other Marine Transportation Contracts; S&P Disputes; Ship Repair Disputes; Marine Insurance Claims and Coverage Disputes; Cargo Claims (wet and dry); Collision; Salvage; General Average; Maritime Fraud; Maritime International Judgment Enforcement; Wrongful Death and Personal Injury; Oil Pollution; Maritime Arbitration; Maritime Lender Liability; International Bankruptcy-Insolvency; War Risks Insurance Claims; Freight and Demurrage Collection; International Litigation.

He is a member of the Louisiana and Texas State Bar Associations and is admitted to practice also in the states of Minnesota and Kansas.

Mr. Gaitas is fluent in Greek and English and also has a working knowledge of French. He regularly publishes a bulletin on developments in American law, and also maintains a blog with information and discussion centered around shipping and shipping law matters.

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