United States Coast Guard Academy Publishes Legal Desk Reference Outline and Instructions

The Command and Operations School of the United States Coast Guard Academy has published a four hundred thirty-seven (437) page Legal Desk Reference, intended to assist in providing instruction in relevant Coast Guard legal and personnel issues to prospective Commanding Officers, Officers in Charge, Executive Officers and Executive Petty Officers. 

The Desk Reference includes, inter alia, outlines, scenarios, slides, and flow sheets concerning legal and personnel issues such as 4th Amendment Search & Seizure and Inspections; the Coast Guard Drug Detection Program; Self Incrimination: Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Article 31(b), &Miranda/Tempia; Nonpunitive Measures & Administrative Actions; Non-judicial Punishment; Court-Martial Jurisdiction & Convening Authority Problems; Maritime Law Enforcement; Environmental Law Afloat; Interpersonal Relationships; Hazing Awareness; Sexual Harrassment and Gender Discrimination; Administrative Discharges; Administrative Investigations; Standards of Conduct & Ethics; Alcohol Abuse; Introduction to the Law of War; and other Miscellaneous Topics. 

Read a copy of the USCGA Command & Operations School Legal Desk Reference (2003 edition)

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