Chalos & Co, P.C. Douses Fire in Quadruple Victories over Flame S.A.

Chalos & Co, P.C. obtained successful legal victories in four (4) separate matters in four (4) separate proceedings commenced by Flame S.A. in four (4) different U.S. District Courts. In each matter, Flame sought to detain different vessels in the Southern District of Texas, Eastern District of Texas, the Central District of California, and the Eastern District of Louisiana in an effort to enforce a foreign arbitration award obtained against a third-party on the basis of alleged alter ego relationships.

The penultimate victory was scored in the Eastern District of Texas on July 27, 2010. Following a one (1) day mini-trial concerning the alter ego allegations, U.S. District Judge Ron Clark issued a comprehensive Order wherein he set forth robust 'findings of fact and conclusions of law.' In summary, the Court held: "on balance, the evidence simply fails to demonstrate that the management, finances, and daily operations of [the third-party] and [the innocent vessel owner] are sufficiently intertwined to justify piercing the corporate veil."

Read a copy of the Tradewinds news coverage on the decision.

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